e-Strategy is fundamental to success in the Internet age. As a full service-consulting firm, Vedam has the resources to help you shape your IT strategy, and deploy it rapidly and economically. Be it anything from defining the strategy to concept, design to development and implementation to management. We seamlessly integrate technology with creativity to interpret your ideas and goals into a flexible and secure solution - in short an unmatched experience. Vedam's current service offerings include:

Application Development

The competition today is between business models - the hottest and most dangerous of them out there is web. The web has changed customer's expectations about convenience, speed, comparability, price and service. Vedam has built skills and resources in area of web applications that can offer competitive advantages to your organization.

Software Testing

The demands made while application development in terms of capabilities and flexibility's pose new challenges for developers who are required to deliver and ensure high quality reliable systems. Vedam can help you address these issues by making testing affordable by achieving a high degree of automation through our tried and tested methodologies and testing suite of products.

Performance Consulting

Most companies today use web applications and face issues like difficulty in identifying user issues and as a result most of the user issues go unreported. Systems are also plagued with random spikes and system outages. This at times leads to unreliable, unstable and inefficient system and high level of user dissatisfaction. Vedam can help you address this through its performance consulting services.

Application Performance Monitoring

Vedam APM is an enterprise monitoring solution that can measure and monitor End-To-End response time and overall application availability for any web based application. Vedam APM makes monitoring affordable as it is built upon open source tools. It can also be easily integrated with your existing network management solution to leverage unified reporting and escalation framework.